Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

I am not romeomantic!


or maybe I should call you Icha :)

It's already 18 July 2011 which mean, today is your birthday!

I dont have many things to say, but maybe my prayers from here can reach you cha.
You're 20 now, maybe this picture isn't so romeo-romantic :) I hope you like this photo cha
One more thing to say, ILY MS. BSE :)
It's been awhile since I called you like that

Minggu, 19 Juni 2011


Hello Medan!
how are you today?i bet you are fine,except for the problem with your internet provider :P hope you'll solve it soon,so we could have another skype call hehe.

Finally, I am having a holiday. Hopefully, it will be the good one, since my mom sends my little brother to Melbourne (OHYEAH) so at least, i have a friend to accompany me exploring Melbourne further. Well, i seriously can't wait for him to come tomorrow morning :D i'm so exciteddd! Although i am still have no idea about where should i bring him to, but yeah i'll find a way!OH OH actually i have a plan though, with prisky, that we'll go to Mt Buller just to see snow :D finally, i could really see snowww!! haha

well, i think i need to wrap it up, because i need to have a major clean up with my apartment :S so lazy, but have no option -_-
hope you have a good day, Medan. and whats your plan for your super-long-holiday?tell me.


Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Nilam sethithik, rusak susu sebelangga

Okay, hello helloo everyoneee. it's me Medan. I just got back from a long hibernation, very long hibernation. Seems like weather in Medan was freezing for almost 6 months, yeah its winter everyday, especially when you are studying in my campus -__-"

Okay it is just an intro, I'll tell you more about my campus later.

compare with this one okay

can you find the difference?

everything started when me and her, have a little chat. Just a normal, errrrr, i dont think its normal chat.
In the middle of the chat, we were talking about one boyband, the one that shall not be named, the do you know who..... It's forbidden words for me, -__-" and she kept talking about it.

By the way, I'm in Jakarta right now, hehe. Maybe I'll spend my holiday to take a TOEFL test and also work out a little bit, just to gain some muscle. You'l be surprised deary hehe.
see ya Melbourne, and from now, call me pamulang.


Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

dear you all,

i just realized that we had neglected our blog for almost a year haha. Pardon us people around the world,who kindly read our rants :D but now, we're back in action! we'll try to consistently updating this blog. Since, we want to make a significant progress in updating this blog, thus last night me and medan were agreed to change our banner! woohoo,hopefully after this week, there will be something inserted up there hehe

during these past few months, we're realized that we are not a couple of teenagers who fell in love at the first sight anymore haha but we're more than that. still hard to specifically defined who we are, but what we agreed is that we're getting mature and ready to step into the next phase of life.

Medan has turned to be a 20-years-old dude, still struggling to be the future-significant architect in Indonesia :D he's still busy as usual, his record so far is not sleeping for 2-3 days :P
Melbourne...hm, i am still 19 years old, well soon to be a 20-years-old young woman, but currently experiencing early-20's crisis. still struggling to assuring myself that i can be the most-influential psychologist in Indonesia (and perhaps around the world -- i know too ambitious -_-) and my internal body clock has been shifted since the last few weeks and i diagnosed my self to have insomnia \(T-T)/

On the last December, we finally met :D although it was only for 3-4 weeks, but it meant a lot for us haha. We're doing what the couple should do on Saturday night, he went to my house and watched some movies together...well just some basic routines, but we had enormous fun!

Now, we're back to our cities...he's back to medan and i'm back to melbourne. Nothing's changed from both of us, but i presume we'll definitely ace this distance and time difference!
And i believe that for you out there, who is doing LDR as well, i believe that you can do it :D
haha, i will stop writing some bullshits here and continue reading my journal. but yeah, we're back and bear with us!

love us,
Medan and Melbourne

Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

dear Muhammad Fatahillah Batubara,

YEAH akhirnya!
fatah makasih banyak ya buat 2 tahun ini mau bareng bareng sama aku haha
mau memutuskan untuk jadi temen cerita aku, mau ngedengerin aku marah marah, nangis, sama ketawa ketawa.maaf karena kamu sama aku kita harus jadi sejauh ini dan cuma bisa ketemu 7 bulan sekali.cuma kamu tau kan, aku sayang banget sama kamu.maaf aku suka nyebelin, which i know it well kalo i did it very often. i know i am a douche bag hahaha cuma i love you THIS MUCCCHHH!hahah cant asking more ke Tuhan buat dapetin yang lebih dari ini sayang.

i hope we can be a very best friend, forever :) i dont know what is the other challenge that we have to pass through.cuma yang aku tau, although in the end (worst case scenario) we cant be together (which i hope not), you'll always be my muhammad fatahillah.dan kamu itu berarti banget buat aku.soalnya, karena kamu aku bisa jadi icha yang kuat kayak sekarang. well, 2 years mean a lot of thing for both of us haha so, enjoy the short movie that i made.i know its not that good, but the thing that you should know is i miss you :*

im sorry if in the last part of the movie, the song is not ended well.im just too sleepy to cut it hahahha

cynthia annisa ayu hapsari

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010


hmmm, today is August 29th, so so so so thats meaaaaaaan....... we'll have our anniversary tomorrow.. :) :)

okay, first, this is just the opening of our celebrations :) :) :)
yeah one of my favorite picture, hehehe... because its one of a few pictures that our face get closed up

Senin, 02 Agustus 2010


good morning dear medan!

im so flattered with your last post haha in fact i cant take my eyes from you though :)
how are you this morning dear?im on diet now, because the addition of 5 kg are not good for me.so i decided to follow bryan burki diet HAHAHA i know it sounds ridiculous but in fact the diet tips itself sounds more logical.

well anyway, this is only a quick post because in 7 minutes i have to run to take a shower.because in 45 minutes i have to sit on carillo gartner lecture class haha i know i know, im a procastinator
...and i love it! :P

miss you too medan, have a great day jewek!